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About Gooddy Xpress Courier

Gooddy Xpress Courier is a supply chain e-commerce company. Our goal is to provide a seamless online shopping experience and transporting goods across borders.

We believe that the services, offered by our company, should satisfy the high expectations of our customers. We are dedicated to creating added value for our customers by implementing modern technology in our work. That is why the desire for constant improvement is the driving force behind our Logistics business.

Providing the best transport and shipping services currently available Globally. Our skilled personnel, utilizing the latest communications, new tracking, and processing software, combined with decades of experience!.

Why Choose Gooddy Xpress Courier ?

We continue to pursue that same vision in today's complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers’ trust! Gooddy Xpress Courier has maintained a good customer satisfaction base with affordable shipping rates, insurance, and real-time tracking features.
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Free UK address

Get a Free UK address and virtual warehouse to shop worldwide and ship to your home address.
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Lowest shipping cost

Lowest shipping cost on your shopping items, from $5 per pound.
03 Service

15 Days Storage

We give you 15 days storage to shop more items and ship them out once to your destination.
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Free Consolidation and Packaging

We also give you Free consolidation and packaging that meets industry standards.

05 Service

Real-Time Tracking

Ensure customers' supply chains are fully compliant with practices.
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Free insurance

Free insurance on all items you ship with Premier Line Logistics.
07 Service

Flexible Pricing

Our shipping cost covers customs duty and delivery cost to your final destination.
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Dedicated support staff

We have Dedicated support staff for all complaints from customers.